Nathan Peck
Nathan Peck
Senior Developer Advocate for Container Services at Amazon Web Services
Oct 22, 2020 1 hr 6 min watch

Amazon ECS Service Extensions for AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

I joined Brent Langston and Adam Keller for a live Containers from the Couch episode about @aws-containers/ecs-service-extensions. I spent a little time explaining how AWS Cloud Development Kit can help you build architecture better, and faster.

Then I showed how the new ECS service extensions toolkit helps you deploy an ECS service. I deployed a simple application two tier, three microservice architecture with all the bells and whistles: AWS App Mesh, FireLens, X-Ray, CloudWatch Agent, and a custom autoscaling policy. It turned out to be 3500 lines of CloudFormation generated using just 90 lines of TypeScript.

At the end I showed the result: observability dashboards populated with metrics, and a detailed service map showing service to service communications.

Please watch the full episode below or checkout the ecs-service-extensions module on NPM.