Nathan Peck
Nathan Peck
Senior Developer Advocate for Container Services at Amazon Web Services
Oct 20, 2021 33 min watch

Build, operate, and observe a containerized application on AWS Fargate

This session aired during AWS Application Modernization Day. I discuss the benefits of using containers, and container orchestration with Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate. Then I take a small sample application, and show how to write a Dockerfile to containerize the application. Next I do a live demo of using AWS Copilot to build the container image, upload it, deploy an AWS Fargate environment, and run the application container on AWS.

Finally I use AWS Copilot to deploy a scheduled load test job to generate over 100k requests per minute, show how you can access the service metrics, and create a custom dashboard for observing the performance of an application running in AWS Fargate.


You can also download the PowerPoint deck for this presentation.